Modern Prayer Candles for a Cause


Ira DeWitt, a music executive with a PhD in education, has always chosen to do things her own way. When a friend was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she wanted to give her something more purposeful than flowers or a card-- something that evoked a sense of comfort and spirituality. Ira decided to create something herself, and this is how SAINT Candles – Modern Prayer Candles for a Cause – was born.

The SAINT Candles line features twelve different candles that are each named after a patron saint associated with a specific aspect of human life. Whether someone is battling a health issue, embarking on a trip, or trying to find love, there is a patron saint – and a SAINT Candle – to help them on their journey. The beautiful packaging, individualized scents, and unique features make this an unforgettable gift that touches peoples’ hearts.

Each SAINT Candle comes with a prayer to the patron saint, holy oil as part of the wax (blessed by both a priest and a rabbi), and an Italian prayer coin embedded into the candle honoring the patron saint which reveals itself once the candle has burned down.


Before the first lighting, read out loud the prayer to the patron saint, then light the candle. Once the wax has burned all the way down after many uses, remove the coin at the bottom and keep it in a wallet, purse, or car - or bury it in the yard as a way of blessing the entire household.


  1. Saint Jude • Saint of Impossible Causes (Turkish Rose)

  2. Saint Raphael the Archangel • Saint of Healing (Mount Ararat)

  3. Saint Benedict • Saint of Peace and Protection from Evil (Oliban)

  4. Saint Michael the Archangel • Saint of Soldiers and First Responders (Arabian Flowers)

  5. Saint Francis of Assisi • Saint of Animals (Heavenly Tree)

  6. Saint Christopher • Saint of Travelers (Veracruz Vanilla)

  7. Saint Cajetan • Saint of Good Fortune and Employment (Calabrian Bergamot)

  8. Saint Sebastian • Saint of Athletes (Subtropical Citrus)

  9. Saint Thomas Aquinas • Saint of Students and Teachers (A Thousand Lilies)

  10. Saint Anthony of Padua • Saint of Finding Love and Lost Articles (African Sandalwood)

  11. Saint Dymphna • Saint of Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health (Parisian Peony)

  12. Saint Margaret of Cortona • Saint of Weight Loss (English Lavender)


  1. Jesus Christ, Lord & Savior (Oud)

  2. Virgin Mary of Guadalupe (Oud)